Battle Grounds

Online audiences, online lyricists in online battle grounds, meeting to battle their grounds,
Crossing borders with plan in hand to increase their land mass as much as they can,
Though only a few will succeed in this,
In respect of the above: call me Genghis.

Far from Barbarian, but MC’s limbs I does rip apart like I was Spartanian,
Gory allegory, telling story like Jackanory,
Weak rappers outperformed in the pantomime of History.
Not for the child like mind, more than two brain cells needed to grind,

Understand where I’m coming from? Know where you’re heading?
Slain MC’s skulls I keeps on a chain, from previous beheadings.

Wit-less rappers get left neck-less with a strike to the resting place of their necklace,
Find another place to rest, save face lest ye labelled a disgrace – by your family,
For humiliating their good name so public-ally, there’s a vacancy in the local cemetery,
Freshly dug grave begging for filling, run boy run before you become the next honour killing.

Rugged like Ra, with my Timb’s on I climb far – and high, reaching mountainous heights,
weight low – I left behind excess baggage, low calls of the egotistical soul,
Only sacred thoughts stored in my cabbage.

With an ‘Inshallah’ I advance furtha, under my feet a trail of lyrical murkder,
Glance back to visions of MC’s corpses reminding of genocide,
Naw these cats were mentally unqualified, juveniles, so call it infanticide.

Climbed the summit and I ain’t even reached my peak,
Speaking of apex; ambitions limitless like Black Amex.
Aiming for the pinnacle with 20/20 vision, infra-red precision.
Regrets for murking every adversary, could’ve done with the company,
Who amongst the flock is courageous and anti-flop?
Basking in the fame and glory but yo, it’s lonely at the top.


~ by B Majnun on October 31, 2007.

3 Responses to “Battle Grounds”

  1. Interesting poem, Borderline, but did you know that the overwhelming majority of “honor” killings victims is female? They do happen to boys and men, too, but those are the exception. In Jordan, the ratio is about nine girls/women for every boy/man.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

  2. Thanks for the comment Ammani, yes it’s an horrendous practice, committed by abhorrent people. Prayers to every sister and brother effected by these crimes.

    I hope my usage of the term isn’t offensive, battle rhymes can get tongue in cheek. My intention is not to belittle this issue at all though.

    [sheesh my first day and already causing trouble ;o)]

  3. Response from a fellow battle-rapper, like it Br Nageen (it stung yo!)-


    forgive me no pun intended…

    finally amongst the naive misfits rises one who calls others wit-less/
    w/o having witnessed those who committ to business/
    striking at a neck w/o a necklace leaves your words wreckless/
    the only thing your swords connects with/
    is an apparition of your imagination/ stop the self-adulation/
    i’ll make you’re pain reach acclimation to a climatic asphyxiation/

    inject poisinous toxins through your iris/
    forcin you to try this no need to hide my contrivings/
    does your eye sting?
    now using an ancient object, unsterilized, i dive in/
    a filthy mind, sacred thoughts? why were you lying/
    rip out an atrophied frontal lobe/
    this isnt fun no more/
    throw you in the english channel, make u wash up the london shore/

    panick stricken in the grasp of the lyrical carnivore learned at the art of war/
    make all your screams for help inaudible/
    how long will your torture be unendurable?
    untill my lacerating strikes prove your dysmorphic face adorable/
    a battle worthy of a record yo/
    no need for effort though, thats the reason we created the lowest level for/

    placed in a conundrum in the middle of london/
    the only way outta this is a lumpsum/
    of apologies mailed to an unidentified location in a himalalyan dungeon/
    where i write rhymes in conjuction w/ the astronomical changes of the sun son/
    satisfying your compunction/
    to loose today… so go home and fumigate/
    perplexed how your pants are full of urine stains/

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