The Enemy


The biggest enemies of Muslims aren’t Bush, Sharon or Blair,
‘tho innocent blood on their hands; they got fair share,
for which they will answer about,
on That Day of which there is no doubt.

Na this evil doer is more infamous, wickedness status well known,
known to have entered many homes,
homes he calls his own, he’s with you even when you think you’re alone,
May have sat on your table and broken bread,
With some he even shared their bed,
And if Fajr was missed in the morn he would have pissed in their head.

This cursed one is sly like Stallone, and shady like Slim,
Creeps in the shadows unnoticed, no naked eyes have gazed upon him,
He goes by Iblees aka Satan, with his demonic army ready to strike like battalion,
Arrogant ‘itch blamed Allah for his condition, plainly misguided and immoral like rendition.

Hates me cos I’m made of water and clay; the first ever racist,
greatest trick he pulled was making people think he didn’t exist.
But he’s realer than real deal Holyfield, heedless punks receive sucker punch,
he gains strength in every bismillah-less munch,

He’s a lifelong enemy won’t quit until there is no breath left in me; constantly plotting,
even those who join him he abandons on The Day of Rising.
He smiles when people feast on the flesh of their brothers’ back, loves causing division amongst my people – White, Brown and Black.
He’s got some Muslims innovating doing bid’a, others he uses to accuse valid practice as being bid’a, methodologically challenged brothers – worst bid’a.
Shaytans his name, confusion and division is his game,
Ignore his whispers it leads only to the profane; prostrate to our Lord that drives him insane.

He’s vexed at me for writing this piece, peace treaty I ain’t interested in making with this foul beast, fire rises like yeast; a metaphor for arrogance, promises you this world but don’t be fooled by his persuasive parlance,
Water and Earth moves downwards; a more humbled countenance.
His demonic cavalry with all it’s weaponry he’s sending round, I ain’t scared I got my Misbaha with a hundred rounds.

He can run through my veins and lie in wait around every corner like he’s perpendicular,
Not scared because my Lord is closer to me than my Jugular,
Allah promises he as no power over His true servants, who have Taqwa and Tawakkul in Him,
Satan has no power if I’m always remembering Him.


~ by B Majnun on November 1, 2007.

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