Dum Dum Rhymes

Salam alayk’s join the fray, come in peace n’all that but watch out for strays,
Lyrical bullets spray up your for-um, slug-proof piercing dum dums don’t give a rats *ss where you come-from,
Don’t care if you wear Kufis or Hijabs, I’ll push your wig back with rapid fire jabs.

I’ve come to take crowns off of Kings of Jungles, you think you got skills B?
You feel like a lion cos you in a room full of kittens see;
cats spitting nursery rhymes with Jack n’Jill flows, can’t tell their *ss from their elbows,
wouldn’t know a decent rhyme if one was right under their nose,
Hickory dickory dock rappers, still in their pampers,
lack complexity in their weak *ss delivery, I ain’t spit like that since puberty.

With all due respect no offense intended, my razor sharp tongue will leave many wounded,
Will break hearts, crush egos and rupture many a spleen, but still remain your brother in deen,
You wanna lock horns bring battle to me? Permission granted; I fight gentlemanly, yes you can Sir, but be prepared for an assault on every one of your cells like cancer,

This missile’s aimed at any fool with propensity to mindless chitchat, what’s that bruv? You come to battle or to find love?
You gots to up step your game, lame, lazy rhymes I ain’t got time for them mayn,
I leave weak rappers with rigor mortise, with a prayer mantis strike –
to the forelock, slap that forehead, be forlorn, cos the outcome forgone, be-fore long you will be going on a long sojourn,
A distant memory, left on the shelf gathering dust like old crockery,

What was the cat’s name? Shahid? The dude that got lyrically assassinated by Borderline Majnun?
Many people will bear Witness, to your Martyrdom by the hands of the one on the Edge of Madness,
Like an outta control Brinks Mack Truck I can’t be stopped, it’s fitra –

Cream has to rise to the top.

~ by B Majnun on November 3, 2007.

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