Battle Grounds Round 2

My response to Nageen

Wa ‘alaykum as salam wr wb…

Who’s awaken me from my slumber? Sporting a false p(r)ose of bravery,
There’s a thin line between love and hate, a thinner line between bravery and stupidity.
Don’t confuse my metaphors for self praise, truss this slave knows from everyone here he’s the most base.
This is hip-hop son, braggin’ writes is the M.O son, it’s just how it’s done,
I think Nageen understands me so he won’t take this punishment personally.
Why you wanna give me Glaucoma? Your rap was so boring it already put me in a coma,

Started off promising, middle was hmmm, by the end I was yawning.
I’ma give you a short lesson in rhymology,
You studied biology? Is that your natural vocabulary?
Ain’t you suppose to have passed at least English GCSE?
How you gonna use words like “atrophied” and “fumigate” – then spell “panic” and “lose” incorrectly?
Tut -tut overuse of jargon is so-so, next time I’ma call the grammar Po-Po.

You gotta do more to keep my attention, make me laugh, make me cry,
Whatever you do next time please don’t sound so dry.
Chat bout torturing me but I’ve escaped from your chamber using my bare fists,
Torture? You enjoying this ain’t ya? What are you a closet sadomasochist?
Why else would you provoke this beating on yourself? Detrimental to your health.
Don’t you know I’m rich in rhyme-wealth?

You can spit your lyrical affront in my face, I just wipe it away,
When my lyrical ‘chete strikes you the scar will never go away.
You’ll think of me every time you look in the mirror,
wishing the moment you posted your rhymes the forum would have returned an error.
Too late for that, you made a mistake that was elementary, now it’s here for all to see permanently.
I’m sick like bulimia your tirade was straight up diarrhea,
You’re punching way above your weight, I’m a giant like Gérard Depardieu,
You plain stink like Pepe le Peu.

~ by B Majnun on November 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “Battle Grounds Round 2”

  1. son i didnt ask for a critique/
    a seeker should be quiet
    as punishment is bequethed/
    i know my stuff is unique/
    stuff u seek,& i got it etched on a blood soaked loose leaf/
    how can a filthy mind understand this?
    stop rhyming go join a club of pedantics/
    frantically searching!, like i asked for a spell check/i didnt write it, i sketched it/ w/ biphasic digits laced with viral toxins/
    i’m the muhammed ali of cyber boxin/
    your nice to talk with/
    stop writin paragraphs/
    you’re sentences are longer than pre-islamic caravans/

    yo i’m tired of tirading, narrating a fictional end/
    insteading of enriching a friend/
    i’m wishin him dead/
    thats why they call us an archaic incongruity/
    yes you and me/
    and we’re stupidly stoopin to a level thats should be below a human’s acumen b/
    but what to do/
    i’m in love with u/
    cuz i know you’re an ummah thats indestructible!

    love peace w/ the rahmat of Allah and his baraka on all of you!

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