Battle Grounds Final Round

Nageens 2nd reply (in comments)

My final response –

Woken again from my siesta,
By dude spitting skinny rhymes like Flockhart Calista,
I prefer lines with a lil’ mo meat in’em,
Reading your bars left me wanting my 30 seconds back again.
Cheesy rhymes save for another day,
What I look like to you fromage frais?
Ayo I’m lactose intolerant,
Dairylea rappers I can’t tolerate.
I like original rhymes with futuristic flows, and not every line has to rhyme yo!
My styles akin to Rakim, relatively speaking, you’re a kin of Lil Kim.

{ – }

These battles may seem harsh to peeps looking from afar,
It’s just training yo, call it a lyrical spar.
No love lost, contraire, much love gained,
Sincere salams always exchanged in the end,
It’s been that way since Bambaata and Grandmaster,
To clash then shake hands takes character.
As the hadith says strength isn’t in a wrestler,
Real power is in controlling your anger.
Subduing ones ego to accept criticism,
You’re right about my long sentences, see now cos of you I shortened them!

“That’s why they call us an archaic incongruity”
Bru’h I don’t care what people think about me,
More concerned about what Allah knows about me.
The Prophet (pbuh) didn’t build buildings he built righteous men,
If we imbibe his outer and inner sunnah the Ummah will be mighty again,
insha Allah,
be able to defeat evil armies with an “Allahu Akbar”,
and melt unbelieving hearts with the beautiful sunnah, the guiding star.

Wa ma’ salama

~ by B Majnun on November 8, 2007.

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