My Deen

My Deen is my life
a debt owed
living on time borrowed

it’s my protection
got my back like spleen
a house of 5 pillars painted in green

it’s my rock
traffic and trains can’t depend on
Fajr in the morning is always bang on!

it’s my sustenance
good for me like vitamins
nothing beats Ramadan nourishment

it’s my companion
– from the womb to the tomb
a perfect friend perfected by Him

it’s my purpose
like water to body, oxygen to air
colour to rainbow, smoke to flare –

Essential – Indispensable – Beautiful – Guidance.

It’s my love
part of me like my Kunya
Deen is all I need in the Dunya


~ by B Majnun on November 9, 2007.

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