I’m Not You

by Clipse

No no no…..
I told you…. I live this sh**
I aint just up here, rappin and tappin, spittin and skittin and sh**
Naw, uh uhh, not me
I’m not you, I’m not you rapper, I’m not you…. Pusha

[ Pusha T ]
I keep that ziploc bustin at the stitches
Culinary chemist, I serve the malicious, to break the fiends fixes
One give you the sniffles, the other, leave you with the itches
Transport airport with the vaseline, so I can,
Fulfill my dreams of passion and green, more cash then ya seen
Within Ashton its green, me drivin up fast with the lean
Zonin family, keep youngins in them rented Camrys
Door panels full of sh** and I aint full of sh**
Reckless ass, God forbid they don’t crash,
From the panel to the dash, its four pounds of slab
Nah bitch we don’t believe in air bags
Cars turn tricks like them Ringling brother skits
Whether bitch hop out, or the glock pop out, ya know what I’m about,
Blow to ya sinus til the snot drop out.

[ Malice ]
Rappers is talking to me as if
We in the same boat I tell them quick no I move Coke!
And you and I don’t share no common bond,
So forgive me if I don’t receive you with open arms
It shames me to no end,
To feed poison to those who could very well be my kin
But where there’s demand, someone will supply
So I feed them their needs at the same time cry
Yes it pains me to see them needless
All of them lost souls and I’m their Jesus
Deepest regret and sympathy to the street
I see no pity for they fix when they kids couldn’t eat (so sorry)
And with this in mind, I still didn’t quit
And that’s how I know, that I aint sh** (I aint sh**)
My heart bleed but that’s aside from the fact,
I live from my kids and theirs and them youngins after that.


~ by B Majnun on November 13, 2007.

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