Tuesday Late-aft Freestyle

I rhyme for a reason and for no particular,
spectrum of moods but not bipolar.
Word-swordplay maneuvering through Lexis with Lexus steer,
Remindin’ self poetry is a calling not a career.
Adolescents strut around wanting to be known by a thousand unknowns,
Anonymity or legendary?
Guy Fawkes that, I’ma rhyme as long as there is vocabulary.

Verbose MC’s out-versed in verbal boxing street ciph,
Guard the tongue or get smacked in yo Bruce Forsyth,
Harry Potter young-punk heedless in fantasy when I attack like Ninja,
Make puttar drop his load n’use the philosopher’s stone for istinja.
Schizo-rhyme-content don’t watch that B,
Mix chuckles with insight, da’wah originality,
Smiling: a charity lacking in Muslim philanthropy.

In stanza is room to breath even grow gills,
as long as M.O higher than just stacking skrills,
worldly wants leave bad taste in your grillz.
Hit you out the blue with a mystic aphorism by al-Iskandari;
“Aspirations rushing still cannot break the walls of destiny”,
Your dinner prepared and you ain’t glanced the menu,
Livelihood predetermined even your death venue.

Laugh at life but cry for your final destination
Life’s but a short respite limited respiration,
Every breath will be accounted for,
without doubt every breath will be accounted for,
thought gives chills difficult to thaw.
Atom each and every is heaven sent,
Action is always based on intent.

Chiggedy check your intention, before you wriggedy wreck your action.

Leave you with a jewel to reflect in the brain;
no such thing as the mundane,
every little thing has cosmic consequence,
not in the chaos theory sense.
Fill every moment with khayr O Male and Female;
Words light on the tongue, but heavy on the scale:

Subhanallahi Wa Bihamdihi, Subhanallahil-‘Azheem

Glory be to God with His Own Praise; Glory be to God, the Exalted.


~ by B Majnun on November 13, 2007.

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