by Klashnekoff

As we travel through Trial and Tribulations Avenue
Destination’s Zanadoo, smokin’ a zoot, drinkin’ Jack Dan’s and Malibu
Flammable sidewalks where guys walk like cyborgs
The minds walk, scorched with polluted force
I sought resolution, then I swore retribution for braves abusin’ this music
Like it was boozin’, they left battered and bruised from the Terra Firm movement
T stands for, the F for further improvement
Collate the teeth so much if you’re a willin’ student
I know it seems deep, and at times life’s confusin’
Ya whole world’s tremblin’ like aeroplanes collidin’
With high sky rises, how many more lives before we realise there’s a crisis
I cry red mist, but still live with the will to climb Everest
Livin’ in this friggin’ world full of pessimists
Reminiscin’ on days ravin’ and Pegasus
Were braves get f*****, police askin’ where the weapon is
Welcome to the east maze, this is where the Devil lives..
Yeah, we little kids peddle ship
And settle sick situations with a metal stick
Leave you stiff, this world stands uncontaminated with biological hatred
It’s blatant, Morphius tried to show you in The Matrix
But was you watchin’ the beanie or clockin’ for the agents
Practice pure patience, produce this pure kayman
While pruny little prento’s are a pain in the anus
F*** aimin’ to be famous, I’m aimin’ two flamers at Tony Blair’s face first
Worst comes to worse blood, I’ll kidnap his neighbours.
That’s my word blood, trust

Parrowdice, parrow days, parrow nights
A paradox where shots leave braves paralyzed
My life’s a paradigm surrounded by parasites
Don’t wanna die in this man made Parrowdice

~ by B Majnun on November 18, 2007.

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