Mystified by the spiritual dance
Misfortunate one don’t miss this chance

The Munshidin cantillate mystical calls
You demur with your back to the wall

Forget about ‘you’, no room for ‘I’s
Listen and see by your brothers’ inner eyes;

Allaha Allah…

Glimpse unveiled worlds
Perceive the Universes twirls

Allaha Allah…

Lungs gasp, clasped hands
Linked by eager hearts

Allaha Allah

Touched the kernel of my being
Opened baseera lens of seeing

Allah Allah…

Move giant stations with small leaps
Wake up Ruh! Nafs go to sleep

Soul’s relief in saintly odes; al-Alawi sonnets
Spiritual experiences distilled into short couplets

Intoxicated by the love of the Divine
Drunk but sober, not your worldly wine

Huwa Allah…

Lost in the sea
no sign of the shore

Huwa Allah…

Edge of presence
Spiritus ascent

Huwa Allah…

Circle of remembrance
A Majestic conference

Huwa Allah…

Never could reach peaks such as these
Solitarily confined, by the Jama’ released

My brothers you took me by your hand
My masters by you I begin to understand

Hadra means presence, dhikr at its core
For what else were we created for?


~ by B Majnun on November 22, 2007.

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  1. Beautiful…

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