Lizards Hole

Fateful paths some are sure to tread
Al-Khudri reported the Messenger said;

“You would tread the path as trodden by those
before you, inch by inch and step by step”

Trail of two tribes descendants of Ishmael follow
Yet the ensuing step may prove to be hollow

{ – }

Esoteric deviation blinded by yellow light
Justice jilted; laws of wrong and right

Corrupted spirit duped by false sense of love
Ascribing to God attributes He is far above

Unrequited love; souls lost dizzy and twirled
Lost connection to heavens, embraced the world

Thick black tar cloaks their shame and guilt
Sing away, your Jannah on Earth you built

Watered down yule of theology;
upshot a drowned spirituality

Crucified religion; to origin no resemblance
Tampered by Man and left with meager remnants

Impostor Sufi to the extreme left
Above Shari’ah? Heresy! Deen bereft

{ – }

Exoteric deviation an over zealous red light
Self righteous irides, infected arrogant sight

Deluded intellect covered by anthropomorphic glove
Ascribing to God attributes He is far above

Rahma-less wanton arguer, erroneous to the cartilage
Outwardly pious masked mischief; ancestry Khawarij

Criminally minded plaintiff a false accuser
Methodologically challenged Usul abuser

Letter of law fanatically obsessed over
Leading to harshness and intolerant behaviour

Unworn sandal of Tasawwuf with an imbalanced stride
Cursing the Awliya? God declares war on this fallacious pride!

Impostor Salafi to the extreme right
Against your bid’a the Ummah will unite!

{ – }

O Travelers be middle path followers
Cling to the robes of sound Scholars

Knowledge dispensed from an unbroken chain
Ocean navigated with their aid, from extreme winds refrain

Though to their ways believers cajoled
a step too far fall into the Lizards Hole

~ by B Majnun on November 30, 2007.

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