Snatching Candy

A rap battle between me and some young’uns… (excuse some of the lameness)



well ladies and gentlemen there is a new challenger/
a rabid/ fear spitting/ tear driven/ writer like salinger/
and i manage to outclass the whole class without effort/
pay homage/ to lame fromage pun writers/ i’m hurt/
and astonished that you’ve abolished all intelligence/
and your relevance is like naked girls in my residence/
not actually present/ yet your evanescent like weed smoke/
you best bleed broke/ because your rhymes/ make me choke/
and splutter/like asthmatic smokers lighting up again/
utter madness/ as i ram this microphone wildness/ pen/
more lyrics/ resurrect more dead spirits/ malcom x/
contained with this lyrical pane/ with his spiritual pain/ test/ed
at the way everybody’s sinking/blinking complacently/
and your critique to me is bleak like newbies who apparently/
are the hope for the game/ more like dope for the inane/
fools who wrote this insane/ words pumping like bane/
but i’m sorry if i just showed you up/ pass the cup/
of ever present liquid water/ to throw over you guys and be like ‘sup
game on

Dont B Trippin


I spit rapid fire like men that are full of desire,
crush ur soul put it on ebay to luk 4 a buyer.

Like any 1 on here can get the best of me?
lyrikal surgeon stop flows lik vesektami’s.

Tie you to a train n just to take the piss,
ill make it rain and slit your wrists.

Grown men get taken down where im from,
n stop frontin coz we all no ur not the one.

If i smoked you i would take you to my den,
kill you, ressurect you, just to smoke u again.

I dont need a pen coz ive got control of my mind,
and dont look forward coz your too far behind time.

Now i bet your thinking that you shouldnt of test it,
take a swim in the water before you find its shark infested.

take note n realise what other brothers on here are blessed with!

Borderline Majnun


Been a minute since these screens seen my spittle,
Silence broken by wack-rapper seeking missiles.
Dodgy MC’s found in the back of Ambo’s,
or left to do self surgery like Rambo.
Forget taking candy from the baby,
Bad rhymes just enslave thee,
Gladly put you outta your misery.
Prove in 23 lines Majnun’s mastery
To the fan of Catcher in the Rye,
You dun catch my salive in your eye.
Styles spasticated and a lil’ chi chi,
Watch me eat the 2 preceding and grow like Fibonacci.
Control this like Jinn controlled by King Solomon.
I’ll own you like Gandalf did Saruman,
I got a black beard but neva do piracy,
How-eva I do do doo doo over your raps so give a lil’privacy,
You’re rhyme bankrupt besta clam rap redundancy,
I serve nuttin’ but Verve verses less curses.
Lines roar like Mount Etna, comin’ outta the Fugee La era,
You’re a run of the mill Hill, get left Cleft asunder,
Only Pro’s can come challenge me,
I’m done….
Just killed you softly with this bitter sweet symphony.

Prince Momo


haha i read that s*** and realise i still hear fakes,i put ma money on stuff yeah i hold stakes,made some big mistakes in ma time learnt to live and take the blame,but this homie talkin’ about cheeese??damn whats that gonna make?a lump of cheese on your hot dinner plate,
a wannabe MC lyrically decent but orally cant spit,make 1 hit nd datz it 4 the rest of the s***,
them words he probably don’t even know what they mean,
i see him copyin’ words from Google translation so people think he reigns supreme,
ain’t scared of no fakez or no realest rappers that come my way,
i give it a shot cuz i aint got nothin’ to lose,
i may get some boos,
ma whole crew betta den you times by ten,
these rhymes printin’ on screen like a paper marked by a pen,
half them wordz are like Einsteins style of vocabulary,
i don’t know u but i guess you some kinda uni professor tryna be a ghetto prince comin’ outa the police constabulary,
iv live din the ghetto since i was born,now im like tupac livin’ in struggle just to pay off some loans, i c him as bein a another wannabe NAS but listen you ain’t the n**** wit the new york state of mind,you had your turn this was my turn to shine…..

Borderline Majnun


Whats Borderline to do? Dignify the above with a response?
How do you respond to mental flatulence?
Brain cells fuelled with baked beans,
after the first line already written off as a has been,
man I miss Nageen.

This ain’t directed solely at you,
it’s for you, your “crew” and any other fool that shares your world view.
Self made heroic ghetto narrative aberration,
Puh-lease thats more played out than the first Playstation,
You sound as ghetto as Staines station.
You ain’t from Tivoli Gardens or a favela in Rio,
What you know about struggling yo?
In Third world lands kids live in abject poverty,
Dude you have internet, give thanks for your liberty.
You ain’t livin’ trife lives
sounds like you just need some financial advice.
Some’ll be like “BM go easy he’s only sixteen”
Humayun commanded an Afghan army and he was only fifteen.
I was thirteen when I realised ‘Pac was just an average MC,
I’ve never put up topless posters of him like some male groupie,
Why my brothers putting these people on a pedestal?
Why can’t kids string a sentence thats grammatical?
What is up with the ugly text speak?
– eloquence in language is intelligence –
That stupidness should never have left the walls of your cheeks.
Invest in a dictionary and grow rhyme rich like Branson,
Or you’ll always resort to bad language – on the dole son,
These are the kids I’ll be relying on for my pension?

The title says bring only big guns for battle,
why you come at me with a missfiring water pistol?
First learn the Queens english or better The Kings Arabic,
You ain’t Princley,
Just a ghettoised mind state, mentally lethargic

Prince Momo

you a lil p***y followin’ the queen,
homie im like the game a lean mean rappin’ machine,
the wordz you use dont even go together,
your like a lyric thief don’t you know stealin is illegal,
your like 50 rappin’ bout useless unrelated crap,
whats the point of you even rappin’ ?your just whack,
you say pac was average homie u aint no better,using big wordz don’t make you any better,
your jus a lil dreamer,hopin to buy a beema,homie you aint got the big gunz,
cuz homie u getin merkd by one son of a gun,
homie you rap like you been revisin the dictionary,
yo losing it bro yo like a melting mcflurry,
bredrins stood on ma fingers made me drop,
i hit u back homie cuz i can prove i made ma way back to the top,homie yo decent but your too tactical,
homie this is factual,i admit your contractual worth the prediction,homie i think your just too fictional,
startin no major beef just a lil freestylin action,
your decent just by a lil fraction,although you causin world attraction leadin to ma reaction,
im like a the westcoast fuel,im like a v8 dual,the westcoast jewel,
dont be a fool,let go of your prized possession,quit the aggression,refrain from you oppression,
remember homie yo barz are like of a new twenty two,
ma gunz like the ak47 dubled up times by two,
life and death situation but passed the situtation long overdue,
you say to screw ma “crew” but homie yall don’t no they better then you word by word through and through,
together were like the kings of the country,
are record company like no proof no entry,
itz like you need the grades to get into A level biology,worlds goin’ down people takin up scientology,
muslims fallin’ into shaytaan’s trap becomin the followers of demonlotry,we need to stop think reminisce and dont forget to cry,
you acting like a fool while your up in the forum,you like a internet rapper thinkin yo big but homie yo scumly dumb,fallin for appraisals that arn’t worthy of being there,homie il jus speak up cuz its carin to share,
your lyrics to bland to dry but i give you cred for bravery,mess with me il hav u workin for me for life occupation slavery,homie i declare from deep down you quite rare,i respect you for who you are cuz i don’t like to disrespect,i see you becoming big showerin your barz causin a world threat but homie il be the one that’l have em all wrecked,
thats the truth homie you got potential,you got passion homie i swear thatz essential,but homie remember the factz im jus too quintessential,i have whack wannabes regret that im existential,
ima british citizen with the barz like documents too confidential,
homie i respect you dont take it wrong,i just think your too big for your bootz tryna be too big for the world,
sayin pac was not good but thats 100% blatently wrong,
tryna say you better then a legend is like a criminal crime,
homie u can rhyme you in your prime but homie you don’t shine,
im like a lyrical disease spreadin like wild fire,feel the pain of the momo virus homie itl never expire,
no cures no vaccines bassicly a supervisory routine,
attackin’ cell to cell increasin rapidly over time by millions like bill gates makin billions to be the richest billionaire,
wow homie this is truth its truly extraordinaire……..


Borderline Majnun


Shoulda figured you’d be one of those
who proly never set foot in the States but rep the West Coast
The left coast, the second best coast,
The best thing to come outta the West was Biggie
when he caught his flight back from Cali
The whole East/West thing is way outta date, leave it alone please,
You feeding on old beef no wonder you got mad cow disease,
Your lines make no sense,
Son of a gun? More like son of nonsense.
What does your immature ass know about Pac anyway?
You were a toddler when he passed away
You ain’t hip hop, you’re Bhangra
A wannabe pranksta gangsta
You weren’t even born when he released 2Pacalypse
Don’t lie, you dance in your bedroom to bollywood hits.
Do everyone a favour stop posting lame lines time after time,
Dumb ass ‘ish like “criminal crime”.
Go revise for your GCSE
Or the only employment you’ll see
is filling up petrol for me
See I hate simplyfying my rhymes and
dumbing them down so people like you can still understand
Wouldn’t usually give wack rappers like you breathing space
but since I initiated this I replyed for adab sakes
but I can’t waste no more mins
replying to rhymes that belong in garbage bins
So take care, God bless,
May He always keep you safe,
May Allah guide me, you and everyone in this place.

~ by B Majnun on December 6, 2007.

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