The Secret Divine

by Muhammad Iqbal 

The secret divine my ecstasy has taught
I may convey if I have Gabriel’s breath.

What can these stars tell me of my fate?
They are lost themselves in the boundless firmament.

The total absorption of thought and vision is life,
Scattered thought is selfhood’s total death.

Pleasures of selfhood are a blessing of God,
Who makes me lose my awareness of myself.

With a pure heart, a noble aim, a poignant soul.
I care not for Solomon’s wealth or Plato’s thought.

The Prophet’s Mi’raj has taught me that heaven
Lies within the bounds of human reach.

This universe, perhaps, is yet incomplete,
For I hear repeated sounds of “Be, And It Was.”

Thy mind is ruled by the magic of the West,
Thy cure lies in the Fire of Rumi’s faith.

It is he who has given my eyes a blissful vision,
It is He who has blessed my soul with light.


~ by B Majnun on December 6, 2007.

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