Soul on Ice

My soul is on ice
unheeded pietist advice
slippin’ slidin’ down
my wavelength’s sky dive tendency.
reckless youthful delinquency
I done this
I deserve this
Obeyed it and forsaken myself
Steady humiliating the self
I did this to myself
Every sin is within –
everyman possible
like fire feasible from flint
Mugger, marauder, murderer, rapist
in you, me and him
environmental conditioning can’t escape this
Living life to my corrupt hearts desire
These dirty streets are my empire

Explore facets of my minds fires
Sucked in by the slow trail of lavas
You can’t stand firm in front of my devil
Your devil is no match for mine
I’ll eat you
I’ll enslave you
I’ll devour you
Until there’s nothing left of you
I’ll set your soul on fire with a blue flame
Blueprint of my anger contained in this small frame
Don’t be fooled by this small frame
Your life I can turn upside down with just a stare
a stare conjured from vicious intentions
I see right through you
My eyes penetrate your atomic structure
I’m the proton, neutron and quark buster.

With my arsenal I roam on road
Consuming the courage of men is my borer’s bode
Power wielded by juvenile fury
Middle finger defence to jury
Stab you with a rusty blade
gangrene your flesh
Break the machete on your rib cage
Never before have you experienced
this unrelenting rage
Dirt in between my finger nails
Iniquity does not cease in jails
tribulation like butter on bread
spread on all corners
I’m a tyrant surrounded by bloody borders
of the colour crimson red
I don’t feel alive unless I see you dead

I don’t want your money
I don’t want the infamy
I want to destroy
build my demon
teach it to fly

I can see fine with just one eye
I can see fine with just one eye
I can see fine with just one eye

How can I see with just one eye?
Some One open my eyes
I need help I’m sick going to die
Been following fiends’ lies
Impulses not in my nature
lead astray by uncontrolled anger
Put my neck in a leash
and set me free
Pour water on me
clean me
please clean me, wipe it away
give me means to repay
Humble me, teach me to pray
I want to pray
Please tell me where to pray
I don’t want any more enemies
Wanna fall in love with Rumi
Take me to the exact opposite of my extremities
then take me further
Explore facets of my hearts fires
Set ablaze lustful desires
Return me to repentance
Face bears scars of sins
Heal my wounds God
Let the mark remind me of Your Forgiving
Your Mercy is greater than my evil
You can only destroy my devil
Imprison me with Your saints
Give me a life sentence
Give me an afterlife sentence
join me to the believers convoys
dignify my poise.

Forgive me.
Fold me up.
Put me inside.
Your beloved’s heart.
Take me inside.

~ by B Majnun on December 19, 2007.

2 Responses to “Soul on Ice”

  1. asalamolaikum, powerful words. I like the line “Give me an afterlife sentence”, wow!

  2. wa ‘alaykum as salam wa rahmatullah Salman, shukran for comment! If this world is a prison for the believer, may we all be cell mates of the awliya!

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