Move on Up

by Kidz in the Hall (feat Mike Payne)

I got a Chi state of mind
Heart of Marcus Garvey
Body of a slave soul, African king
That get up in the Egyptian scribe
Each lyric I’m planting a seed
To lead my tribe
You can look into my eyes
See the dream of Martin the fight of Malcolm
Fists from Huey the other from Stokely
With a Jack Johnston left hook if you want to provoke me
Part knowledge, part common sense Cassius Clay confidence
Preach black consciousness
Fred Douglass desire, wittiness supplier
Won’t stop rocking till I retire
To burn my kingdom you must use fire
Fears of a nightmare never kept me from dreaming
Tripping and falling, dog it never kept me from walking
If I fall on deaf ears it won’t keep me from talking
The fuel to the fire leaves me steadily sparking

We got the right to remain silent
While they got the right to remain violent
Right to remain tyrant
Systems chews you up and spits you out like a stick of trident
It don’t matter if you Tookie or Kobe Bryant
Clock strike 12, you just another n***a
Every five minutes a brother pulling another trigga
It hurts my heart, grown man statistics
They life they risk it for cheese like a triscuit
Fall off sorta like a bungee jump
Dead or in jail no shock g sorta like Humpty hump
It’s a cold world but the blocks hot
Kids ditching school for the school of hard knocks
Voice high pitched
They already pitched rocks
Scary life, Hitchcock
Sacks in their tube socks
No boy scouts for handling knots
Swear to god we need a new eagle leading the flock

Living my life like its golden
Spitting my songs like they platinum
Check my watch, time for some action
Hood got us all divided sorta like fractions
Let my words guide the picture like a closed caption
Where I’m from n****z had years full of rainy days
Drink the whole 5th just to take the pain away
The blocks like a cage self imposed
Only windows of light are shooting j’s and spitting flows
But I will never ever tell another to try to be me
But I’m sick of half the s**t I see on tv
Sambos, jezebels, porch monkey’s trying to sell
Propaganda to their own people still trapped in hell
They don’t see they blind till the fact that they blind
Dismissing me as conscious
I’m feeding they mind
That’s the reason I rhyme
Revolution starts with individuals
It ain’t enough to sing eagle spirituals

~ by B Majnun on December 21, 2007.

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