Halal Mixtape Vol 1

This is jokes, Witr Without You is hilarious!


~ by B Majnun on January 8, 2008.

5 Responses to “Halal Mixtape Vol 1”

  1. Salaams BM,

    Ha, ha, ha…! I’m laughing out loud!!! I liked 5 on it the best!

    Oh dear, too funny.

    Abdur Rahman

  2. Jokes about Islam? Come on People.
    I might not be a great Muslim myself, but i have lots of respect!
    they’re dancing inside Masjid..They r singing standing on top of Ja-e-namaz? Is this how we should represent our religion that is already misunderstood! I dont think so.
    I am SOrry, i find it disrespectful rahther.

  3. Salams Soni,

    I didn’t think they were making jokes about Islam, more making fun of themselves, they show Muslims have a sense of humour!

  4. lol this is soooo funny i had a stich im still not laughing ah omg allahhooakbar

  5. Salams Salam,

    Too funny ain’t it? May Allah always keep you smiling, in this world and the next, amin.

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