Majnunism 001

Good and Evil

Good and evil,

as well as God and the devil

are not true opposites.

Good is absence of Evil

And the devil is remoteness from God

God is infinitely above Good, Evil and Satan

He is the Creator they are creation.

~ by B Majnun on January 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “Majnunism 001”

  1. Asalaamu alikum

    Majnunism- Masha’allah, food for thought.

    …Is good the absence of evil?

    Dont be sad

  2. Wa’alaykum as salam dbs,

    Good lookin out for the comment, I typed it the wrong way round :o)

  3. Asalaamu alikum, again,

    Its been changed…

    You know “dbs” makes me sound remotely cool—funny

    Dont be sad

  4. Salams d to the b to the s (sound cooler? :o) )

    It’s changed again!

    ‘Ajeeb, something didn’t sit right with what I wrote. Then last night I was listening to a random dars of my Shaykh and he addressed what I wrote about!

  5. D to the be to the s (way to cool….)

    You’ll notice I’m away from Dont be sad for a while- catch up with you insha’allah on my return.

    Keep up the good work.

    Dont be sad

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