From the Heart… Lyrical Tap Dance

A cypher with brother Nageen



a piece of my mind/ deceivingly inclined/
to receive the sublime/
encapsulated in the tree of decline/
situated high above all ideals/
forget the see & the feels/
its about living the moment so potently/
w/o paranoia of normalcy that makes u tread cautiously/
driven in the face of excursions/
furnished by dreams embellished with serpents/
juhud evaporates by acting timid/
subtlety of moments so vivid that your hesitation causes them to diminish/
receding into the subconscious of this universe/
as this fluid verse pursues it in reverse/

Borderline Majnun


Peace of my mind/ blinded by continuum of space-time
Refract Sun’s light/
To regain sight in irides/ 3rd eye’s tirades/
Vital to relieve stress grades/
Now set to explore all eleven dimensions/
Some of them best friends/
Metaphysical secrets encapsulated/
Tasted what Dirac formulated/
Fingerprint impressions of double helix/
Perceived in Galaxies twists/
Time is part of creation/ To Infinity no relation/
Sin is the unstable force in the universe/
Black spot the black hole of the heart/ Eating up mass of good deeds/
From Gnosis impedes.


~ by B Majnun on January 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “From the Heart… Lyrical Tap Dance”

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  2. Amazing! You two work very well together 😀

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