From the Heart… Lyrical Tap Dance II

Link to Part I


BM entering the boundaries of gnosis/
I greet u w/ my arm extended w/ a closed fist/
man I gotta gat in one hand & dunya dreams in another/
either way I gotta leave my mother/
so shayateen try to disease me undercover/
every decision is crucial/ don’t wanna take the wrong turn like Crusoe/
tryn’ta hold on to the deen tight, but its a loose hold/
cats actin wild,w/ no inhibition on their desires/
I wish weed was halal I’d get higher than highest/
the pressures of dunya tryin me, but I remain defiant/
alhamdoliLlah, another day lost/
at least I wasnt bit by a feeling of remorse/
I read pages written by bravehearts/
who’s only concern is the fear of God/
on the battlefield, their convictions razor sharp/
while I trip on fake paradoxes of Desacartes/
I got haram words for Hume & Spinoza/
pass me the pistol and its holster/
its me & my enemies until death takes me over!

Borderline Majnun

Yo Nageen/
Pass the pistol pun’a left hand side/
Extol the Lord/shaytan’s been seen/
deerstalker hat on/ hunting seaz/
Today’s game; shiesty shayateen/
Their aim’s to keep us occupied with the cheddar chase/
Dunya’s a rotting piece of Brie/ these are times of sleaze
Refuge we seek from these bit-cheese/
Forget Trump Tower/
Give me a cave where I can contemplate my Creator/
Keep your Ferrari/ them’s just toys and I grew out of Atari/
No time for fun and games/ Bush walking lands where Prophets came/
Giving speeches about supporting democracy in Arabia/
at the same time selling arms to tyrannical Saudi Arabia/
Even in your own terms that’s gotta be hypocritical?/ Neo-con ethical?/
Confidence tricksters can’t produce miracles/
To them the Middle East is nuttin’ but the Middle Feast/
Devouring our resources like a gluttonous beast/
Oil money isn’t helping us anyway/
Most of it lines the pockets of millionaire Arab playboys/
Maybe that’s why the region’s in trouble/
God given blessings wasted by a few people/
Gotta dead desires for the soul to survive/
Dunya-revolt is when Deen revives/.


~ by B Majnun on January 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “From the Heart… Lyrical Tap Dance II”

  1. Ameen to that! I’m really feeling this “duet” you two have going on here. 😀

    Have you considered putting out an album, either spoken-word or hip hop?

  2. Hey Baekho, lol @ “duet”. I dunno about putting an album out, I’ll put it to Nageen. We’re not that good, just playing having fun with it. Plus my recorded voice sounds hella weird :o)

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