Longing for al-Medina al-Munawwara

by ibn al-Farid

When the anguish of pain settles on my soul, the aroma of fresh herbs of the Hijaz is my balm

by Yunus Emre

If my Lord would kindly grant it,

I would go there, weeping, weeping,

And Muhammad in Medina

I would see there, weeping, weeping…

by Sir Kishan Prasad Shad (Hindu former-prime minister of Hyderabad)

Don’t seek in both worlds any place for the poor –

The Gate of Muhammad is there for the poor;

The zephyr that passes by Ahmad’s abode –

It raises and brings healing dust for the poor…

This rebel is naked, no shelter, no veil –

The kindness of Ahmad: a cloak for the poor!

by ?

Do not ask me, friend: “Where is Muhammad?”

Hidden in my heart, there is Muhammad!

Is there any need to wander to Medina?

Here and there – apparent is Muhammad.

In my heart and eyes resides for ever

From the Day of Covenant, Muhammd.

~ by B Majnun on February 22, 2008.

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