Falling Down

by Jehst

Drinking in electric lady land
Conversate with the crazy man
Where the babies sip Babycham
And dames baby-sit Damien
Plagued by the everyday pain of a pantomime palladium
Players duckin buckshots in the cranium
Lost on a path of pre-destined devastation
They re dishin out medication in many forms
I meditate on millennium metaphors
A tour-de-force of fornication
A thought-police state dictates to the whores of a sleaze nation
Discreet segregation
Infinite degrees of separation
We celebrate creation
Creating new means of our destruction
De-sensitised to the violence
The carnage is cartoon
Televised to your front room
Guns boom
Pictures that poison the young
We re highly strung
A slugfest for the scum
But I ain’t givin up
Cos I m driven by the drum
In drunken tongues
I talk up at the sun
But I ain’t givin up

Rain clouds breakdown my cardboard wall of sound
And now nobody hears when I m calling out
It s like they cover their ears
Say my tears are the tears of a clown
Please help me
I m falling down

My silver tongue spits gold bars
Bring an amber glow to cold hearts
Show love to my close spars
Living their lives so fast
While our foes slow dance with Diablo
Most can t cope with the agro
Watchin the rats grow
Led astray by a modern day pied piper in a lab coat
It s code red
White lines blue movies
And media scapegoats provoke defence
I vent fears with a broken pen
And shed tears for the hopeless
Approaching the future with a clear focus
Frozen below the mushroom clouds
And we re much too loud
To be allowed to speak out
Cos the people might freak out
A free man with his hands tied died
Buried below the landslide
Rigged by the sidewinders
Wise to the way that the lies are applied as a social science
To those who show signs of defiance
The fire burns
We learn ways to survive as the world turns
Look away from the flames as the fire burns
We learn ways to survive

~ by B Majnun on February 25, 2008.

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