Mask on Face

B O R D E R L I N E – M A J N U N


Mask on face
Conceals scars of this closet basket case
crazy traits just gimmicks to spit mad lyrics
strumming superstrings like Hendrix
Strike chords in your double helix
That’s my word
Stones n’sticks break bones
but not as much as bricks
But I wanna build building blocks of peace
Not naive; first gotta rid world of evil misfits
Corrupt leaders playing geopoli-tricks
Deviant preachers with dodgy theology and shoddy fiqh
Cancer of the Ummah their minions lack tawfiq
I got a double barrel for those with the propensity to use double vowels
Need lessons in orthography
Allah is beautiful and loves beauty
Why is your writing so ugly?
Astray like goofy soofees
We let the scum rise to the top
Cream lay waste like unharvested crop
Warrior saints stand up!
Fool’s making takfir of friends of Allah
Fool, God declares war on those who harm His Awliya!

Take on the digital dajjal
Actin’ diabolic in your locale
Marketing and advertising
pushers of spin
causes dizziness to sheep
bedazzled flocking to sin
like it’s the next best thing in
confused wrong from right
right from haram
mind bent strongarmed into paying hell’s rent
Abandoned sacred litarature
going against fitra nature
You feel the salive of my spiterature?

Don’t hold a Mic in my hand
Don’t rock it on stage
Write from the heart
to perform in your mind-stage
Applaud with your left and right ventricles
Heart felt ovation but more worried about my final destination
I believe in God.. and
I wanna be with Him in heaven.. but
I keep craving a piece of the dunya even..

“I” is the tongue of the ego
Hard for nafs to let go of the world and peoples praise
Cos it’s made of dust and self loves to be raised
I ain’t battling rappers no more
’til I martyr the false ego
Murk the bitch
scratch the souls perpetual itch
or die trying
this is a life worth living
Word is bond this is a life worth living
Until mouth is filled with graves dirt
Jihad al-Akbar! War is overt.

~ by B Majnun on March 6, 2008.

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