Du’a Ice

اللهم باعد بين و بين خطاياي كما باعدت بين المشرق و المغرب

اللهم نقني من خطاياي كما ينقئ الثوب الابيض من الدنس

اللهم اغلسني من خطاياي بالثلج و الماء و البرد

Allahumma ba’id bayna wa bayni  khataayaaya kamaa baa’adta baynal mashriqi wal maghribi

Allahumma naqqini min khataayaya kamaa yunaqqa at-thawbul abyadu min ad-danasi

Allahumma-ghsilni min khataayaya bith-thalji wal maa’i wal barad

O Allah! Distance between me and my sins as you have distanced between the East and West!

O Allah! Cleanse me from my sins as a white garment is cleansed from dirt!

O Allah! Wash away my sins with snow, water and ice!


~ by B Majnun on April 8, 2008.

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