By Time… Man is at Loss

Conspire with time to plant mines in minds
to set off when thoughts step outta line
Or else confined to state of bovine decline
Stand firm on frontline grip carbine like canine jaw lines
Take on anyone taking liberties
Execute in soliloquy
Honestly? I charge the Entertainment Industry with grand larceny
For scheming thieving sacred moments
Mercilessly pillaged yet no ferment
Television entertainment is commentary on state of societies
Troubled celebrities, media hypocrisy, false idol’s iniquities
Lost in fantasy worlds Heroes sought but those
only exist in two dimensional form
On TV screens, like dope to dope fiends
captivated by invisible beams
Squander days hypnotised by cathode rays
Truth seekers seek pious predecessors pathways

Success barometer for civilisations
Ethics of masses an indication
Moral collapse detected in wiretaps
from a past relapse
Too late, ice caps melt change in climate
People acting primate like planet of the apes
Noblemen unknown
We celebrate the ignoble
Satisfied with bread and circus
So Governments perform political acrobatics
Magic tricks make believe WMD’s
War perpetrated under false pretences
Fighting over dwindling resources
Fitra forgotten in minds deepest recesses
Kufr seems sweet like molasses
More like black tar thick veils
Veiling prophetic light trails

The rich perfect practice of leeching the poor
Poor get ignored intelligent minds whored
by corporate fascists
so-called brave soldiers acting like sadists
Islamophobists really just closet racists
While people pray in the church of materialists
No spirituality, insincere charity
Individual hypocrisy
all beget a corrupt democracy
O People you deserve the leaders you got
O Muslims you’ll be replaced by a peoples you’re not
We tolerated it so our children are next
Vexed adolescents don’t know why they’re incensed
Can tell they’re ill, “sick” is the buzzword
Uncontrolled fury is a health hazard
Danger is just anger with a D
D is for disorder
Islam’s a stranger in the New World Order
That’s how it came, that’s how it’ll be when the Last Days enter
So God bless the strangers!

~ by B Majnun on April 10, 2008.

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