Headline Islam

Brother Dash

Source and audio here

The air above the horizon tremors
As the warmth of our hearts rise above the raging waters of turmoil
And chaos humanity breeds
We be the lighthouses with spiritual beacons standing stoic never changed by the
Spray of salty voices that clap against our bedrock foundation.
We sing sweet soft somethings so succulent some suckle several sips
We cradle the young we sit silent before the veteran and
We open the curtains for sun rays to destroy the darkness and we pull
wool blankets over the bodily flaws of our companions shielding them from sight.

We be the torchbearers following straight paths of guided light
Struggling as we lead the masses through 34 prostrations as the day passes
Grass is growing ‘cause even the scorched Earth be knowing that we be rain water
Healing Bani Adam’s slaughter
Bringing order not verbal mortars
Teaching our daughters not to be porters
To men who grin getting drunk of Jinn
Spelled J-I-N-N
10 to the 10 10 be the power of this verse by verse
First nurse those who feel cursed
Squeeze those who feel worse
And touch and soothe and kiss the hearts in tribulation
‘cause we all got the same destination
And too many of us are getting left at every Hip Hop and R&B station
Mira Nosotros somos hermanos you see these manos?
They fight for you,
Stay tight for you,
In several hues
Red, Black, Brown and yeah White too
So don’t twist your wrist this kiss be Jennah bliss
Get my drift?
We uplift our palms 45 degrees Be pleased
‘Cause we drownin’ in the herbal teas of mu’min energies
That gentle breeze putting you at mental ease?
Contains the moisture from honey melon seas
Forming liquid beads
Whose seeds bleed the nectar formed from compassionate wisdom
Taste the sweetness on your lips
Then grip the tips
Of your modern day quills
And be scribes at will and drill
These words into heart stones where dreams moan
And bellies groan from a hunger and a thirst
For a spiritual elixir
610 was a very good year HEAR!
The cries of their fears
Make wudhu in Kaffir tears!
‘Cause your salvation ain’t in condemnations
or exhortations of eternal damnation
According to the level of your mental maturation
It be in boats filled with Haitians
Po’ White Mamas in the Appalachians
Milk carton photo shoots
Similac minds in high stiletto boots
Paper Mache gods made from disposable agendas
Burnt out converts who said RETURN TO SENDER
Grab your flag Shahadatayn be your refrain
But don’t refrain
There’s too much pain
Let’s wash these stains
With celestial rain
With celestial rain
Our passion is compassion
So release and share
Smiles are hugs
Words are kisses
So what’s a touch but a prelude to hearts that join in spiritual remembrance
That serenade a love supreme
That cry serendipitous tears not saline but clear
Zam Zam for the human mind
So in times of defining moments take this moment to define yourself
Tell your own stories
Sing your own psalms
Re-Write the headline…
Saying NO…THIS be Islam

~ by B Majnun on April 23, 2008.

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