My Head Hurts

Migraine like pain assaults brain/ hands losing grasp of sanity rein/
took the chicane too fast/ trespassed hell’s precinct/
pardon these tears/ they don’t fall they blast/ like being tear gassed/
for clinging on too tightly to the past/ coincidentally typecast in a Greek tragedy/
My own worst enemy/ is my enemy’s best friend/
’til bereavement ends and bliss begins/
Make sure to not offend/ the angel of death/ with a last breath that smells/
Dispel scientific myths/ work it like a blacksmith/
who’s expertly trained in crude alchemy/
Hardened organ guarded by harder breastplate/ but light-photons doth penetrate/
Hydrate/ open floodgates/
plant kernel from prophetic truths/ lock satan in a soundproof booth/
whispers and screams unheard/ walk this journey unperturbed/
Foci flow clearer/ understand the world bit better/
The world is a prison for the believer/ freedom in the hereafter/
Scoffers don’t believe in an hereafter/ like there’s nothing after here/
making their paradise now/ prison awaits later
Don’t realise they’re serving two life sentences/
Like the stock market indices/ daydreams soon crash/
Simile found in hurricane cyclones smashing piers/
Earths cycle for maintaining atmospheric equilibrium of troposphere/
Recession slaps a nation for unequal wealth distribution/
Economic diarrheic downturn/ caused from earlier usurious consumption/
3rd world oppression/ is why the 1st world is in depression/
Zhulm is a mighty wrong/ hurts not just victim/ but eventually gets the one committing/
Empires built on skulls/ and slave labour whipped backs/
What you rather be? Poor but content or rich and on prozac?
Don’t mistake this for a conscious rap/ words ain’t from a conscious rapper/
beat conscious rappers unconscious/ mind your own business/
People be like “B, your rhymes are way out there”/ Shaddup fool/ I don’t rhyme to sound cool/
I rhyme out there/ cos I looked in here/ found what’s in here/ forms a perfect pattern of what’s out there/
leave me with my problems/ got a thousand and one/
self conceit convinced can solve world’s crises/ world peace a phantom
BS plus some/ human progress a deceit/ what bottom excretes/
Flush been pulled/ galaxies twirl/ being sucked into black hole/
Dunya is overrated/ it’s a dead carcass/ only sick dogs feed off of it/
If I give up the world/ will I inherit the heavens?
Got eyes on the prize/ but distracted by devil’s adverts/
Man/ let me be/

My head hurts.

~ by B Majnun on May 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “My Head Hurts”

  1. what a variety of topics you’ve got here. i like your blog and plan to be a regular visitor! 🙂

  2. Welcome to my blog Love.Peace!

  3. The analogy you used of economic recession with natures way of maintaining atmospheric equilibrium is incredible!

  4. Thanks BrotherMan (nice name) :o)

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