4 emails
3 forums
2 PC logins
1 pin number

1 blog
2 ATM’s
3 door codes
4 book stores

4 Databases
3 accounts packages
2 phones
1 post room

1 gym pass
2 door alarms
3 social networks
4 subscriptions

4 security
3 trial period
2 many passwords
1 big headache

Over 7 characters
Include capital letter
name of partner
asterisks for good measure

7 days til expires
change prisonor numbers
adjust barriers
lost key to bars

Need a reminder?
Mother’s maiden name
Check your email
How fun is this game?

Message from the Director
of the Bank of Botswana
You’re a winner
Who let in the hacker?

World untrustworthy
Banal complexity
incomprehensible litany

… annoying necessity.


~ by B Majnun on May 8, 2008.

2 Responses to “Passwords”

  1. so true so true…our final legacy will be our forgotten passwords.

  2. Hey Meander, thanks for comment.

    At work I have approx 15 things I use daily that require passwords to use, I need a password to get into the freaking kitchen! And to get in to the prayer room!

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