Did You

Did you
know my name
when you revealed
your blade?

Did you
know I was an
Arsenal supporter
when you pulled out the borer?

Did you
see my life flash
before your eyes
when you made the gash?

Did you
feel the friction
when in your rage
the knife clipped my rib cage?

Did you
sense my kidney
flesh puncture
stabbed through my jumper?

Did you
know when it entered
my belly, the dagger
made my whole body colder?

Did you
smell death in your nose
when the dark red blood
soaked my clothes?

Did you
know the blood
warmed my skin
as my head spinned?

Did you
wait to see me fall
on the concrete floor
the dirt choking my throat?

Did you
hear the gurgle
of blood and mucus
sound of the death rattle?

Did you
know my last thought
was of my mother
plastering my knee cut?

Did you
hear my last word
was “mum”?
a 15 year old’s sob

Did you
know I had a sister

Did you
know her life changed forever

Did you
really kill me over a post code?

Did you
have nightmares that night?

Did you
try to forget it all in a cloud of skunk smoke?

Did you
know this guilt will be with you forever?

Did you
know this will haunt you in your grave?

Did you know?

{ – }

15 teenagers already killed in London this year due to knife crime

TODAY: Girl, 15, found stabbed to death

~ by B Majnun on June 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Did You”

  1. That was beautiful

  2. Thank you baby :o)

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