Dominant Zeitgeist

Dunyaism the dominant Zeitgeist/ God conciousness dormant/ The great Religion heist/
Saints get trod on like doormats/ most don’t know they open gnostic doors/
raise eyes to Jannah floors/
But people don’t look up to the stars no more/ eyes prised firmly on dunya’s floor/
Like cattle grazing on grass/ but these fields won’t last/
Stars?/ Pop stars/ Soap stars/ Movie stars/ stars in your eyes?
Moon to their sunrise/ wise eyes look past skies/ into heaven’s firmament/
Occupied by selfless superstars/ the constellation of sahabas/
The Prophet said/ choose any of his companions for guidance/ and you’ll be guided/
But path to God can get lonely/ highway to hell crowded/
Mark the world with your carbon footprint/ or by dhikr imprint/
Eyes gotta look through Qur’anic tint/ Nur can blind you
Ayat means stars too/ each verse of the Quran has galaxy of meaning around it/ don’t get it miss..con..strued/
Untrained eyes sees them jumbled/ but true astronomers traverse like experts/ the rest fumble/
Knowledge not classically bound/ playing hop scotch in devil’s playground/
Physically or metaphysically/ everyone gets punched around/
We all slaves but with different masters/ Imam or Pastor/ someone’ll blast ya/
What are indignities?/ when weighed on the scales of eternity?
Go against the grain of spiritual dementia/ abandoning speech from false dentures/
Most world leaders senile/ more dangerous than enriched uranium/
Bunch of penile craniums/
Leadership changes hands/ superpower transfers to other lands/
Move over America/ it’s all about India and China/
Truss/ It’ll be same thing/ just different skin colour/
Status quo will always be Islam hater/
It don’t matter/ we in the game of serving da’wah platter/
Those meant to eat will eat/ others will soon feel the heat/
Witnesses against mankind/ witnesses for past messengers/
Witness this/ it ain’t conjecture/
There is no god but Allah
And Muhammad is his Messenger

~ by B Majnun on July 23, 2008.

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