Best Of Original Works

Miss You

You’ve bade adieu
You are love
I’m it’s residue
If I could, I would
Move the plates of the Earth
to be closer to you.

My Head Hurts

Migraine like pain assaults brain/ hands losing grasp of sanity rein/
took the chicane too fast/ trespassed hell’s precinct/
pardon these tears/ they don’t fall they blast/ like being tear gassed/
for clinging on too tightly to the past/ coincidentally typecast in a Greek tragedy/
My own worst enemy/ is my enemy’s best friend/
’til bereavement ends and bliss begins/
Make sure to not offend/ the angel of death/ with a last breath that smells/
Dispel scientific myths/ work it like a blacksmith/
who’s expertly trained in crude alchemy/
Hardened organ guarded by harder breastplate/ but light-photons doth penetrate/
Hydrate/ open floodgates/
plant kernel from prophetic truths/ lock satan in a soundproof booth/
whispers and screams unheard/ walk this journey unperturbed/
Foci flow clearer/ understand the world bit better/
The world is a prison for the believer/ freedom in the hereafter/
Scoffers don’t believe in an hereafter/ like there’s nothing after here/
making their paradise now/ prison awaits later
Don’t realise they’re serving two life sentences/
Like the stock market indices/ daydreams soon crash/
Simile found in hurricane cyclones smashing piers/
Earths cycle for maintaining atmospheric equilibrium of troposphere/
Recession slaps a nation for unequal wealth distribution/
Economic diarrheic downturn/ caused from earlier usurious consumption/
3rd world oppression/ is why the 1st world is in depression/
Zhulm is a mighty wrong/ hurts not just victim/ but eventually gets the one committing/
Empires built on skulls/ and slave labour whipped backs/
What you rather be? Poor but content or rich and on prozac?
Don’t mistake this for a conscious rap/ words ain’t from a conscious rapper/
beat conscious rappers unconscious/ mind your own business/
People be like “B, your rhymes are way out there”/ Shaddup fool/ I don’t rhyme to sound cool/
I rhyme out there/ cos I looked in here/ found what’s in here/ forms a perfect pattern of what’s out there/
leave me with my problems/ got a thousand and one/
self conceit convinced can solve world’s crises/ world peace a phantom
BS plus some/ human progress a deceit/ what bottom excretes/
Flush been pulled/ galaxies twirl/ being sucked into black hole/
Dunya is overrated/ it’s a dead carcass/ only sick dogs feed off of it/
If I give up the world/ will I inherit the heavens?
Got eyes on the prize/ but distracted by devil’s adverts/
Man/ let me be/

My head hurts.


Soul Rise

Marry metaphor to meditation
consummate the same night
give birth to a light worth
more than a hundred prayers and
predictions of a thousand soothsayers
Purity of hearts commensurate to purity of worship
and vice versa
Doesn’t take a saint to figure out (but usually does)
remembrance is what hearts can’t see without
Polished mirror
reflection clearer
presence nearer
Reality of Tawhid?
First achieve unity of self
Inward outward harmony
vanish traces of hypocrisy
Soul traveling two opposite courses
tears the heart in two pieces
– the duplicity of Nufus.

Ruhani cultivation practices
ensures it rises
and rises
until it reaches…
it reaches.


Dominant Zeitgeist

Dunyaism the dominant Zeitgeist/ God conciousness dormant/ The great Religion heist/
Saints get trod on like doormats/ most don’t know they open gnostic doors/
raise eyes to Jannah floors/
But people don’t look up to the stars no more/ eyes prised firmly on dunya’s floor/
Like cattle grazing on grass/ but these fields won’t last/
Stars?/ Pop stars/ Soap stars/ Movie stars/ stars in your eyes?
Moon to their sunrise/ wise eyes look past skies/ into heaven’s firmament/
Occupied by selfless superstars/ the constellation of sahabas/
The Prophet said/ choose any of his companions for guidance/ and you’ll be guided/
But path to God can get lonely/ highway to hell crowded/
Mark the world with your carbon footprint/ or by dhikr imprint/
Eyes gotta look through Qur’anic tint/ Nur can blind you
Ayat means stars too/ each verse of the Quran has galaxy of meaning around it/ don’t get it miss..con..strued/
Untrained eyes sees them jumbled/ but true astronomers traverse like experts/ the rest fumble/
Knowledge not classically bound/ playing hop scotch in devil’s playground/
Physically or metaphysically/ everyone gets punched around/
We all slaves but with different masters/ Imam or Pastor/ someone’ll blast ya/
What are indignities?/ when weighed on the scales of eternity?
Go against the grain of spiritual dementia/ abandoning speech from false dentures/
Most world leaders senile/ more dangerous than enriched uranium/
Bunch of penile craniums/
Leadership changes hands/ superpower transfers to other lands/
Move over America/ it’s all about India and China/
Truss/ It’ll be same thing/ just different skin colour/
Status quo will always be Islam hater/
It don’t matter/ we in the game of serving da’wah platter/
Those meant to eat will eat/ others will soon feel the heat/
Witnesses against mankind/ witnesses for past messengers/
Witness this/ it ain’t conjecture/
There is no god but Allah
And Muhammad is his Messenger


A Thought is Born

A thought is born…
Satanic? Abort it, don’t raise a bast’d.
Illegitimate seeds produce poisonous leaves.
Before putting pen to paper or binary to pixel,
Give the forest of ideas prior perusal.

Nurture the notion of an angelic praise,
Qalbi chlorophyll,
Heart be Nur filled.
Muhammadan photosynthesis,
Nafs be sidelined to parenthesis.

Breath O Ruh,
Faculty of truth perception,
Since inception longing,
still longing, shun his deception.
You were fashioned for a high purpose.

Verily, you were fashioned for a high purpose.


His Last Words…

His last words were
As-salah As-salah!
The Prayer! The Prayer!

Speaks volumes of his most-blessed character
Last few breaths exhaled used as a reminder
For the first thing we will be questioned over

On the dreaded Day of Qiyamah
He will say: My Ummah! My Ummah!
But he was doing that even in the Dunya

More worried for us than our own parents
More concerned for us than our own selves
Iman perfected when he becomes beloved

His speech was ‘jawami’ al-kalam’
comprehensive, concise, eloquent
with a wealth of meaning behind them

Why ‘As-salah! As-salah?’
To guard our prayer
Think fiqh –
learn the prayer
Salah comprised of
Shahadah and Qur’an
Du’a and Salawat
Dhikr, what else you want?

It’s about jama’
uniting as one
Community is from
the Mosque is our refuge
sanctuary from the refuse
Rows standing side by side
representing human variety
ranked according to piety only

The prayer is
physical movements for
metaphysical improvements
the ethos of the Shari’ah
stability of everything worldly
for next worldly glory
Bow down then prostrate
humble your intellect
raise the heart above your mind
This is the way Angels pray
up in heaven’s hallways

Revelation was sent down
for Sawm, Zakat, Hajj
But as for
As-Salah! As-Salah!
The Prophet was taken up
into highest heavens
to receive the 5 prayers
The prayer’s our mi’raj
remoteness from shaytan
conversating with God
slave or free-man
Proof of our Iman
Action, not empty psalms
Ending with salams
right then left
East and West
All peoples are safe
under Islam

You see now why
As-Salah! As-Salah?
Prayer’s the answer
Prayer’s the reason
Seasons change
Worship is constant
we leave this world behind
Life is fleeting
Matter is evanescent
whispers of prayer

As-Salah! As-Salah!
His words were urgent
Allah is the King
Salah the agent

Our Prophet
Unending peace
and blessings upon him
Mercy to the world

He wanted for us
to know our Lord!
As-Salah! As-Salah!

Those were his last words.

صلى الله عليه وسلم


My Son

If God wills
I will raise my unborn son
so his light can shine on all.
God, bless him with insight
make him the coolness of my
Grant him wisdom in interpreting
past and present for a better
A humble hero
generous to the poor
adviser to the affluent
who keeps the company of Saints
who even listens to the animal’s
God, give me a son
who will bring peace to the world
If not…


grant me a girl.


Your Smile

I would journey by day
rays from your face
showing the way
brighter than Sun
lights up every horizon
running by sight
chasing your daylight
travel at light-speed
to catch glimpse
of your bright teeth
Push back an eclipse
to get a good view
of your painted lips
gift you rings of Saturn
cosmic engagement
a beaming yearn
miles and miles
longer than Nile…….

……..I would chat bare breeze
just thinking about your smile


By Time… Man is at Loss

Conspire with time to plant mines in minds
to set off when thoughts step outta line
Or else confined to state of bovine decline
Stand firm on frontline grip carbine like canine jaw lines
Take on anyone taking liberties
Execute in soliloquy
Honestly? I charge the Entertainment Industry with grand larceny
For scheming thieving sacred moments
Mercilessly pillaged yet no ferment
Television entertainment is commentary on state of societies
Troubled celebrities, media hypocrisy, false idol’s iniquities
Lost in fantasy worlds Heroes sought but those
only exist in two dimensional form
On TV screens, like dope to dope fiends
captivated by invisible beams
Squander days hypnotised by cathode rays
Truth seekers seek pious predecessors pathways

Success barometer for civilisations
Ethics of masses an indication
Moral collapse detected in wiretaps
from a past relapse
Too late, ice caps melt change in climate
People acting primate like planet of the apes
Noblemen unknown
We celebrate the ignoble
Satisfied with bread and circus
So Governments perform political acrobatics
Magic tricks make believe WMD’s
War perpetrated under false pretences
Fighting over dwindling resources
Fitra forgotten in minds deepest recesses
Kufr seems sweet like molasses
More like black tar thick veils
Veiling prophetic light trails

The rich perfect practice of leeching the poor
Poor get ignored intelligent minds whored
by corporate fascists
so-called brave soldiers acting like sadists
Islamophobists really just closet racists
While people pray in the church of materialists
No spirituality, insincere charity
Individual hypocrisy
all beget a corrupt democracy
O People you deserve the leaders you got
O Muslims you’ll be replaced by a peoples you’re not
We tolerated it so our children are next
Vexed adolescents don’t know why they’re incensed
Can tell they’re ill, “sick” is the buzzword
Uncontrolled fury is a health hazard
Danger is just anger with a D
D is for disorder
Islam’s a stranger in the New World Order
That’s how it came, that’s how it’ll be when the Last Days enter
So God bless the strangers!



al-Amin (صلى الله عليه وسلم)

A word spoken
Narrated knowledge with chain unbroken
“God is One and His name is Allah
His final Prophet is Muhammad al-Mustafa”
Truest two lines ever articulated
Trust and Truth be intimately related
See, epistemology of unseen ‘ilm is trust
Prophetic light reflected in sanad hearts entrust
Best source for this discourse is al-Amin
The one well known as the most trustworthy man the world has ever seen
Noble Muhammad with ultra-beautiful countenance radiance for-evergreen
The one chosen to carry the Qur’an
A burden that would break backs of mountains
For certain he was sent to convey God’s speech
To teach men and jinn tawhid and the way to beseech
The Lord of the Worlds
Mighty, Majestic, Master of the Day of Judgment
Allah was a hidden treasure and loved to be known
so He created creation
The best of which is named “oft-praised”
Whose eyes gazed upon The Infinite
Supremely blessed kismet

Ya Rasul Allah no one knows God more than you
You traversed the 7 heavens until no veils were left between Him and you
Then returned to guide those blind to The Divine –
Witnessed the heavens then came back to remind
You are but a mercy to mankind!
Only Allah knows the ultimate reality of your status
Allah is the destination the Sunnah the compass
Lost are those not following your footsteps
Misled desires their false whims will be of no help
On that Day when he alone will say “My Community”
When everyone else will cry “Me! Me! Me!”
From the heavenly praised station chosen to intercede
To meet you by al-Kawthar is to succeed
Abu Bakr trusted you without question
whatever your blessed tongue brought forth
That is why heaviest is his faith
O Allah blind my eyes to all falsehood
Cast a light from the seal of prophethood

When I lose my way and veer to the wayside

O Allah

Make al-Amin my guide.


Mask on Face

B O R D E R L I N E – M A J N U N


Mask on face
Conceals scars of this closet basket case
crazy traits just gimmicks to spit mad lyrics
strumming superstrings like Hendrix
Strike chords in your double helix
That’s my word
Stones n’sticks break bones
but not as much as bricks
But I wanna build building blocks of peace
Not naive; first gotta rid world of evil misfits
Corrupt leaders playing geopoli-tricks
Deviant preachers with dodgy theology and shoddy fiqh
Cancer of the Ummah their minions lack tawfiq
I got a double barrel for those with the propensity to use double vowels
Need lessons in orthography
Allah is beautiful and loves beauty
Why is your writing so ugly?
Astray like goofy soofees
We let the scum rise to the top
Cream lay waste like unharvested crop
Warrior saints stand up!
Fool’s making takfir of friends of Allah
Fool, God declares war on those who harm His Awliya!

Take on the digital dajjal
Actin’ diabolic in your locale
Marketing and advertising
pushers of spin
causes dizziness to sheep
bedazzled flocking to sin
like it’s the next best thing in
confused wrong from right
right from haram
mind bent strongarmed into paying hell’s rent
Abandoned sacred litarature
going against fitra nature
You feel the salive of my spiterature?

Don’t hold a Mic in my hand
Don’t rock it on stage
Write from the heart
to perform in your mind-stage
Applaud with your left and right ventricles
Heart felt ovation but more worried about my final destination
I believe in God.. and
I wanna be with Him in heaven.. but
I keep craving a piece of the dunya even..

“I” is the tongue of the ego
Hard for nafs to let go of the world and peoples praise
Cos it’s made of dust and self loves to be raised
I ain’t battling rappers no more
’til I martyr the false ego
Murk the bitch
scratch the souls perpetual itch
or die trying
this is a life worth living
Word is bond this is a life worth living
Until mouth is filled with graves dirt
Jihad al-Akbar! War is overt.


An Angel Trapped in Hell

Your glazed eyes caught mine
Standing in the cubicle not making a call –
All calls on wait cause the devil calling you
Chasing Glaurung with lips wrapped around a clear biro
Foil glistens in the Maghrib setting sun
Your glazed eyes caught mine
Movie poster barely covers shame
Should I have looked away?
Pity belies sympathy
I feel for your pain sister
Pale white blister covered skin
Toxins aging you before your time
Your glazed eyes caught mine
I should have said something
Comfort you with gentle silence
Held you with ‘it’s gonna be ok’
But I just walked away…
Praying in Mosque when next door
You’re fighting off molesters advances
Left you trapped in a cell
Golden Brown hell
I wish I said something when
your glazed eyes caught mine
At least guard you while you
Fixed yourself up
Told you I’m not judging you
My Prophet would show concern for you
I am concerned for you
I don’t know your name
Pain’s acquaintances are the same
Your glazed eyes caught mine
Peering through your soul’s windows
Rude of me to not invite you into my home
You’re gone now
Hope you don’t feel alone
Pray you made it safely home.


From the Heart … Lyrical Tap Dance

A cypher with brother Nageen



a piece of my mind/ deceivingly inclined/
to receive the sublime/
encapsulated in the tree of decline/
situated high above all ideals/
forget the see & the feels/
its about living the moment so potently/
w/o paranoia of normalcy that makes u tread cautiously/
driven in the face of excursions/
furnished by dreams embellished with serpents/
juhud evaporates by acting timid/
subtlety of moments so vivid that your hesitation causes them to diminish/
receding into the subconscious of this universe/
as this fluid verse pursues it in reverse/

Borderline Majnun


Peace of my mind/ blinded by continuum of space-time
Refract Sun’s light/
To regain sight in irides/ 3rd eye’s tirades/
Vital to relieve stress grades/
Now set to explore all eleven dimensions/
Some of them best friends/
Metaphysical secrets encapsulated/
Tasted what Dirac formulated/
Fingerprint impressions of double helix/
Perceived in Galaxies twists/
Time is part of creation/ To Infinity no relation/
Sin is the unstable force in the universe/
Black spot the black hole of the heart/ Eating up mass of good deeds/
From Gnosis impedes.


BM entering the boundaries of gnosis/
I greet u w/ my arm extended w/ a closed fist/
man I gotta gat in one hand & dunya dreams in another/
either way I gotta leave my mother/
so shayateen try to disease me undercover/
every decision is crucial/ don’t wanna take the wrong turn like Crusoe/
tryn’ta hold on to the deen tight, but its a loose hold/
cats actin wild,w/ no inhibition on their desires/
I wish weed was halal I’d get higher than highest/
the pressures of dunya tryin me, but I remain defiant/
alhamdoliLlah, another day lost/
at least I wasnt bit by a feeling of remorse/
I read pages written by bravehearts/
who’s only concern is the fear of God/
on the battlefield, their convictions razor sharp/
while I trip on fake paradoxes of Desacartes/
I got haram words for Hume & Spinoza/
pass me the pistol and its holster/
its me & my enemies until death takes me over!

Borderline Majnun

Yo Nageen/
Pass the pistol pun’a left hand side/
Extol the Lord/shaytan’s been seen/
deerstalker hat on/ hunting seaz/
Today’s game; shiesty shayateen/
Their aim’s to keep us occupied with the cheddar chase/
Dunya’s a rotting piece of Brie/ these are times of sleaze
Refuge we seek from these bit-cheese/
Forget Trump Tower/
Give me a cave where I can contemplate my Creator/
Keep your Ferrari/ them’s just toys and I grew out of Atari/
No time for fun and games/ Bush walking lands where Prophets came/
Giving speeches about supporting democracy in Arabia/
at the same time selling arms to tyrannical Saudi Arabia/
Even in your own terms that’s gotta be hypocritical?/ Neo-con ethical?/
Confidence tricksters can’t produce miracles/
To them the Middle East is nuttin’ but the Middle Feast/
Devouring our resources like a gluttonous beast/
Oil money isn’t helping us anyway/
Most of it lines the pockets of millionaire Arab playboys/
Maybe that’s why the region’s in trouble/
God given blessings wasted by a few people/
Gotta dead desires for the soul to survive/
Dunya-revolt is when Deen revives/.


We Need Aliens

Come Aliens wherever you punks maybe
People of Earth need you desperately
Not for your superior technology
No we need you as an enemy
See us Earthlings acting kinda hectic
The differences between us made us split
Diversity is suppose to be a mercy
Make life interesting; colours, tastes and personality
But instead we fear it, though it makes no sense
Mix it with fundamentalism and it breeds intolerance
The actions and intentions of an evil few
Have caused global relations to go askew
See this is where you come in, you big green head alien
Your weirdness will scare us and rally all men
No matter what creed
Muslim, Christian, Jew or Hindu; you are our greatest threat on that we agreed
Our fear of the other
Projected towards you extra terrestrials and your brothers
We will join forces to fight your intergalactic army
Though our combined military is futile compared to your advanced weaponry
At least in the last moments before we are extinct
For once, Earthlings are an united family unit



It Was a Good Day

Just waking up in the morning gotta thank God
I don’t know but today seems kinda odd
Woke up early for fajr with no alarm clock
Salah in jama’, Quran, dhikr, didn’t want it to stop
And momma cooked breakfast with no ghee
I got my grub on, but all of it healthy
Finally got a call from Imam been seeking out
He gonna represent in our Mosque no doubt
Hooked it up for later as I hit the do’
Thinking will I live, another twenty fo’
I gotta go cos I got me a lap top
And if I hit the switch I can make the screen flop
Got on the tube without a fight
Looked around, not a jacker in sight
And everything is alright
I got a text from Asim and they do dhikr all night
Called up the brother and I’m asking you all
Which park, ya’ll playing football?
Get me on the pitch and I’m playing sick
Last week messed around and got a double hat-trick
Freaking brothaz every way like Pele
I can’t believe, today was a good day

Drove to the pad and got my ghusl on
Didn’t even get no static from po po
Cause just yesterday them fools tried to stop’n search me
Saw Shaytan and he rolled right past me
No flirtin’, just kept a lowered gaze
as I ran the fitna maze
Went to Jamal’s house and they was watching Hamza Yusuf tapes
What’s the haps on Jummu’ah my papes?
Shake em up, shake em up, shake em up, shake em
6 brothers, 1 car and watch me fit em
With the seven, 12-fifty seven, 12-fifty seven
Made it to Mosque Imam talking about heaven
Inspirational khutba with no yelling
Left Mosque with a motivated feeling
Then we discussed eateries
And I’m yelling biryanies!
Plus no negative media about Muslims today
Today was a good day

Left my brothers house fed strong
Picked up a book searching for since long
It’s ironic, I had the compass he had the mat
Out on road ‘Asr in, prayed 4 rakats
A good friend gave shahada, all delighted
Liverpool beat United
Gave some charity secretly
Put some money in a homeless persons hands discreetly
Then read some prayers on the Prophet
Cos I had the Dalail in my pocket
Listened to Shaykh’s advice, so deep, so deep
Cried myself to sleep
Woke up around one
Dreamt Junayd telling me to get my prayer on
Dragged my body to wudu basin
Washed away traces of minor sin
Then made tawba for my sorry state
Prayed tahajjud with rakats eight
Today was like one of those fly dreams
Presence in prayer rose like high beams
No drunkards out in the streets
Two in the morning face kissed by a cool breeze
Even saw the stars in the sky for once
And they read “God is One”
Today I even remembered to use my Miswak
I got to say it was a good day.


Soul on Ice

My soul is on ice
unheeded pietist advice
slippin’ slidin’ down
my wavelength’s sky dive tendency.
reckless youthful delinquency
I done this
I deserve this
Obeyed it and forsaken myself
Steady humiliating the self
I did this to myself
Every sin is within –
everyman possible
like fire feasible from flint
Mugger, marauder, murderer, rapist
in you, me and him
environmental conditioning can’t escape this
Living life to my corrupt hearts desire
These dirty streets are my empire

Explore facets of my minds fires
Sucked in by the slow trail of lavas
You can’t stand firm in front of my devil
Your devil is no match for mine
I’ll eat you
I’ll enslave you
I’ll devour you
Until there’s nothing left of you
I’ll set your soul on fire with a blue flame
Blueprint of my anger contained in this small frame
Don’t be fooled by this small frame
Your life I can turn upside down with just a stare
a stare conjured from vicious intentions
I see right through you
My eyes penetrate your atomic structure
I’m the proton, neutron and quark buster.

With my arsenal I roam on road
Consuming the courage of men is my borer’s bode
Power wielded by juvenile fury
Middle finger defence to jury
Stab you with a rusty blade
gangrene your flesh
Break the machete on your rib cage
Never before have you experienced
this unrelenting rage
Dirt in between my finger nails
Iniquity does not cease in jails
tribulation like butter on bread
spread on all corners
I’m a tyrant surrounded by bloody borders
of the colour crimson red
I don’t feel alive unless I see you dead

I don’t want your money
I don’t want the infamy
I want to destroy
build my demon
teach it to fly

I can see fine with just one eye
I can see fine with just one eye
I can see fine with just one eye

How can I see with just one eye?
Some One open my eyes
I need help I’m sick going to die
Been following fiends’ lies
Impulses not in my nature
lead astray by uncontrolled anger
Put my neck in a leash
and set me free
Pour water on me
clean me
please clean me, wipe it away
give me means to repay
Humble me, teach me to pray
I want to pray
Please tell me where to pray
I don’t want any more enemies
Wanna fall in love with Rumi
Take me to the exact opposite of my extremities
then take me further
Explore facets of my hearts fires
Set ablaze lustful desires
Return me to repentance
Face bears scars of sins
Heal my wounds God
Let the mark remind me of Your Forgiving
Your Mercy is greater than my evil
You can only destroy my devil
Imprison me with Your saints
Give me a life sentence
Give me an afterlife sentence
join me to the believers convoys
dignify my poise.

Forgive me.
Fold me up.
Put me inside.
Your beloved’s heart.
Take me inside.


Tenderness Warmed

I love watching you sleep
gazing into your souls curtains
a tear forms in the eyes corners
that trails down your cheeks
– you are tenderness warmed



It’s that real
Yo, why is Borderline as hard as it gets?
Why is the World Bank designed to keep the Third World in debt?
Why they killing over oil as the planet dies from greenhouse gas?
Why is the leader of the “freeworld” an Ass?
Why are children stabbing each other?
Why they selling cheap heroin to my brother?
Why do people get high?
Why they escaping from reality to live a lie?
Why they ignore the IDF’s lies?
Why did they just stand by while the children of Lebanon died?
Why they complaining over border crossing immigrants?
Where was the invitation when the colonialists stole from our continent?
Why do they associate criminality with the coloured race?
Why do most peadophiles have a white face?
Why is consumerism the religion of our time?
Why spend on junk when most of the world is below the poverty line?
Why is Soulja Boy on every dance floor?
While Niggy Tardust just gets ignored.
Why they claim to follow the ascetic Prophet?
Why is Xmas materialistic and all about the profit?
Why the children of Abraham bickering?
Why are India and Pakistan fighting?
Don’t they know they’re genetically kin?
Why can’t we all win?
Why are the rich so selfish?
Why is modern life hellish?

All that I been givin’
Is this thing that I’ve been living
They got me in the system
Why they gotta do me like that?
Try’d to make it my way
But got sent up on the highway
Why, oh why?
Why they gotta do me like that?

Why do people vie for power?
Why did Atta knock down the towers?
Why do terrorists claim Islam then act like cowards?
Why do Western armies cluster bomb like cowards?
Why does the ego love feeding?
Why are atheist hearts arrogantly bleeding?
Why is Dawkins taken seriously?
Is the Baboon really his ancestry?
Why are we exploring deep space?
Don’t they know Imam Ali said the Universe is within us?
Why did Sandro Hijack the 177 Bus?
Do the poor say the rich have failed us?
Why do we Muslims blame the world for our problems?
Doesn’t Allah say nothing will change unless we change ourselves?
Why is the Middle East in crisis?
What did we do to deserve this?
Why did the Arabs reject the Ottoman Caliphate?
Why did they get in bed with the British to create their own state?
Why did they wave the Nationalistic flag wearing the uniform of Marxism?
Why have they now swapped it for Islamism?
Why does USA spend billions on Israel?
When Americans are homeless living lives miserable.
Why do old people fear to tread the streets?
Why is Jadakiss spittin’ the hottest ‘ish but selling the least?

All that I been givin’
Is this thing that I’ve been living
They got me in the system
Why they gotta do me like that?
Try’d to make it my way
But got sent up on the highway
Why, oh why?
Why they gotta do me like that?

Uh, yeah, yo
Why does the man hold a crusader sword in the statue for the Oscar?
What are they trying to conquer?
Why are they after our hearts and minds?
Why is love for the world blind?
Why is spirituality bankrupt?
Why are saints dying leaving the world to the corrupt?
Why are people paranoid?
Why are the rest gullible like a preprogrammed android?
Why did they murder my sister Abeer Janabi?
Why do they think they escaped justice from the Day of Calamity?
Why did they rape the great African cities?
Why is rape a weapon for African rebel armies?
Why did they commit genocide on the Native American?
Why did they slaughter spiritual men and women?
Are they now living the curse they put on them?
Why are they on the side of the anti-Christ?
Why are buildings nearly touching the sky?
Why do the years fly by?
Why is adultery rife?
What do these signs imply?
Why am I even alive?

I’m here to know my Lord
Thats why.


Various battle rhymes…

Salam alayk’s join the fray, come in peace n’all that but watch out for strays,
Lyrical bullets spray up your for-um, slug-proof piercing dum dums don’t give a rats *ss where you come-from,
Don’t care if you wear Kufis or Hijabs, I’ll push your wig back with rapid fire jabs.

I’ve come to take crowns off of Kings of Jungles, you think you got skills B?
You feel like a lion cos you in a room full of kittens see;
cats spitting nursery rhymes with Jack n’Jill flows, can’t tell their *ss from their elbows,
wouldn’t know a decent rhyme if one was right under their nose,
Hickory dickory dock rappers, still in their pampers,
lack complexity in their weak *ss delivery, I ain’t spit like that since puberty.

With all due respect no offense intended, my razor sharp tongue will leave many wounded,
Will break hearts, crush egos and rupture many a spleen, but still remain your brother in deen,
You wanna lock horns bring battle to me? Permission granted; I fight gentlemanly, yes you can Sir, but be prepared for an assault on every one of your cells like cancer,

This missile’s aimed at any fool with propensity to mindless chitchat, what’s that bruv? You come to battle or to find love?
You gots to up step your game, lame, lazy rhymes I ain’t got time for them mayn,
I leave weak rappers with rigor mortise, with a prayer mantis strike –
to the forelock, slap that forehead, be forlorn, cos the outcome forgone, be-fore long you will be going on a long sojourn,
A distant memory, left on the shelf gathering dust like old crockery,

What was the cat’s name? Shahid? The dude that got lyrically assassinated by Borderline Majnun?
Many people will bear Witness, to your Martyrdom by the hands of the one on the Edge of Madness,
Like an outta control Brinks Mack Truck I can’t be stopped, it’s fitra –

Cream has to rise to the top.

{ – }


I rhyme for a reason and for no particular,
spectrum of moods but not bipolar.
Word-swordplay maneuvering through Lexis with Lexus steer,
Remindin’ self poetry is a calling not a career.
Adolescents strut around wanting to be known by a thousand unknowns,
Anonymity or legendary?
Guy Fawkes that, I’ma rhyme as long as there is vocabulary.

Verbose MC’s out-versed in verbal boxing street ciph,
Guard the tongue or get smacked in yo Bruce Forsyth,
Harry Potter young-punk heedless in fantasy when I attack like Ninja,
Make puttar drop his load n’use the philosopher’s stone for istinja.
Schizo-rhyme-content don’t watch that B,
Mix chuckles with insight, da’wah originality,
Smiling: a charity lacking in Muslim philanthropy.

In stanza is room to breath even grow gills,
as long as M.O higher than just stacking skrills,
worldly wants leave bad taste in your grillz.
Hit you out the blue with a mystic aphorism by al-Iskandari;
“Aspirations rushing still cannot break the walls of destiny”,
Your dinner prepared and you ain’t glanced the menu,
Livelihood predetermined even your death venue.

Laugh at life but cry for your final destination
Life’s but a short respite limited respiration,
Every breath will be accounted for,
without doubt every breath will be accounted for,
thought gives chills difficult to thaw.
Atom each and every is heaven sent,
Action is always based on intent.

Chiggedy check your intention, before you wriggedy wreck your action.

Leave you with a jewel to reflect in the brain;
no such thing as the mundane,
every little thing has cosmic consequence,
not in the chaos theory sense.
Fill every moment with khayr O Male and Female;
Words light on the tongue, but heavy on the scale:

Subhanallahi Wa Bihamdihi, Subhanallahil-‘Azheem

{ – }

Been a minute since these screens seen my spittle,
Silence broken by wack-rapper seeking missiles.
Dodgy MC’s found in the back of Ambo’s,
or left to do self surgery like Rambo.
Forget taking candy from the baby,
Bad rhymes just enslave thee,
Gladly put you outta your misery.
Prove in 23 lines Majnun’s mastery
To the fan of Catcher in the Rye,
You dun catch my salive in your eye.
Styles spasticated and a lil’ chi chi,
Watch me eat the 2 preceding and grow like Fibonacci.
Control this like Jinn controlled by King Solomon.
I’ll own you like Gandalf did Saruman,
I got a black beard but neva do piracy,
How-eva I do do doo doo over your raps so give a lil’privacy,
You’re rhyme bankrupt besta clam rap redundancy,
I serve nuttin’ but Verve verses less curses.
Lines roar like Mount Etna, comin’ outta the Fugee La era,
You’re a run of the mill Hill, get left Cleft asunder,
Only Pro’s can come challenge me,
I’m done….
Just killed you softly with this bitter sweet symphony.

Whats Borderline to do? Dignify the above with a response?
How do you respond to mental flatulence?
Brain cells fuelled with baked beans,
after the first line already written off as a has been,
man I miss Nageen.

This ain’t directed solely at you,
it’s for you, your “crew” and any other fool that shares your world view.
Self made heroic ghetto narrative aberration,
Puh-lease thats more played out than the first Playstation,
You sound as ghetto as Staines station.
You ain’t from Tivoli Gardens or a favela in Rio,
What you know about struggling yo?
In Third world lands kids live in abject poverty,
Dude you have internet, give thanks for your liberty.
You ain’t livin’ trife lives
sounds like you just need some financial advice.
Some’ll be like “BM go easy he’s only sixteen”
Humayun commanded an Afghan army and he was only fifteen.
I was thirteen when I realised ‘Pac was just an average MC,
I’ve never put up topless posters of him like some male groupie,
Why my brothers putting these people on a pedestal?
Why can’t kids string a sentence thats grammatical?
What is up with the ugly text speak?
– eloquence in language is intelligence –
That stupidness should never have left the walls of your cheeks.
Invest in a dictionary and grow rhyme rich like Branson,
Or you’ll always resort to bad language – on the dole son,
These are the kids I’ll be relying on for my pension?

The title says bring only big guns for battle,
why you come at me with a missfiring water pistol?
First learn the Queens english or better The Kings Arabic,
You ain’t Princley,
Just a ghettoised mind state, mentally lethargic

Shoulda figured you’d be one of those
who proly never set foot in the States but rep the West Coast
The left coast, the second best coast,
The best thing to come outta the West was Biggie
when he caught his flight back from Cali
The whole East/West thing is way outta date, leave it alone please,
You feeding on old beef no wonder you got mad cow disease,
Your lines make no sense,
Son of a gun? More like son of nonsense.
What does your immature ass know about Pac anyway?
You were a toddler when he passed away
You ain’t hip hop, you’re Bhangra
A wannabe pranksta gangsta
You weren’t even born when he released 2Pacalypse
Don’t lie, you dance in your bedroom to bollywood hits.
Do everyone a favour stop posting lame lines time after time,
Dumb ass ‘ish like “criminal crime”.
Go revise for your GCSE
Or the only employment you’ll see
is filling up petrol for me
See I hate simplyfying my rhymes and
dumbing them down so people like you can still understand
Wouldn’t usually give wack rappers like you breathing space
but since I initiated this I replyed for adab sakes
but I can’t waste no more mins
replying to rhymes that belong in garbage bins
So take care, God bless,
May He always keep you safe,
May Allah guide me, you and everyone in this place.

{ – }

Who’s awaken me from my slumber? Sporting a false p(r)ose of bravery,
There’s a thin line between love and hate, a thinner line between bravery and stupidity.
Don’t confuse my metaphors for self praise, truss this slave knows from everyone here he’s the most base.
This is hip-hop son, braggin’ writes is the M.O son, it’s just how it’s done,
I think Nageen understands me so he won’t take this punishment personally.
Why you wanna give me Glaucoma? Your rap was so boring it already put me in a coma,

Started off promising, middle was hmmm, by the end I was yawning.
I’ma give you a short lesson in rhymology,
You studied biology? Is that your natural vocabulary?
Ain’t you suppose to have passed at least English GCSE?
How you gonna use words like “atrophied” and “fumigate” – then spell “panic” and “lose” incorrectly?
Tut -tut overuse of jargon is so-so, next time I’ma call the grammar Po-Po.

You gotta do more to keep my attention, make me laugh, make me cry,
Whatever you do next time please don’t sound so dry.
Chat bout torturing me but I’ve escaped from your chamber using my bare fists,
Torture? You enjoying this ain’t ya? What are you a closet sadomasochist?
Why else would you provoke this beating on yourself? Detrimental to your health.
Don’t you know I’m rich in rhyme-wealth?

You can spit your lyrical affront in my face, I just wipe it away,
When my lyrical ‘chete strikes you the scar will never go away.
You’ll think of me every time you look in the mirror,
wishing the moment you posted your rhymes the forum would have returned an error.
Too late for that, you made a mistake that was elementary, now it’s here for all to see permanently.
I’m sick like bulimia your tirade was straight up diarrhea,
You’re punching way above your weight, I’m a giant like Gérard Depardieu,
You plain stink like Pepe le Peu.

Woken again from my siesta,
By dude spitting skinny rhymes like Flockhart Calista,
I prefer lines with a lil’ mo meat in’em,
Reading your bars left me wanting my 30 seconds back again.
Cheesy rhymes save for another day,
What I look like to you fromage frais?
Ayo I’m lactose intolerant,
Dairylea rappers I can’t tolerate.
I like original rhymes with futuristic flows, and not every line has to rhyme yo!
My styles akin to Rakim, relatively speaking, you’re a kin of Lil Kim.

{ – }

These battles may seem harsh to peeps looking from afar,
It’s just training yo, call it a lyrical spar.
No love lost, contraire, much love gained,
Sincere salams always exchanged in the end,
It’s been that way since Bambaata and Grandmaster,
To clash then shake hands takes character.
As the hadith says strength isn’t in a wrestler,
Real power is in controlling your anger.
Subduing ones ego to accept criticism,
You’re right about my long sentences, see now cos of you I shortened them!

“That’s why they call us an archaic incongruity”
Bru’h I don’t care what people think about me,
More concerned about what Allah knows about me.
The Prophet (pbuh) didn’t build buildings he built righteous men,
If we imbibe his outer and inner sunnah the Ummah will be mighty again,
insha Allah,
be able to defeat evil armies with an “Allahu Akbar”,
and melt unbelieving hearts with the beautiful sunnah, the guiding star.

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  1. Siiick rhymes!

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